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I am going to be upgrading my Athlon Dual Core 3.0 ghz to a Phenom X6. I just have one concern at the moment. My motherboard has a list of processors that it supports. And under the list, there are only three Phenom X6 models. Here's the link if you want to see yourself.


The Phenom X6 I have my eye on has a different model number than three in the list. Should I be fine though? I have enough power supply, and the one I want fits an AM3. (Which as you can see is what my motherboard fits). Also, the Phenom is only 2.7 ghz, wouldn't this be slower than my Athlon that is 3.0 ghz?
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  1. The boards watts max at 95 - you'll probably have to get a board with support for 125W CPUs. And no, clockspeed doesn't matter anymore - all about architecture, and the Phenom has a much better architecture, so don't worry about 2.7GHz vs. 3.0GHz - it'll perform better and you can overclock it anyway.
  2. You should notice all 3 of those phenom x6's are 95w models so if the one you have your eye on, you didnt link it btw, has a part number that ends in BOX then google the part number to see what processor comes in the box kit. Otherwise then its a no-go.

    The processor part number is the one you need to match up with your supported cpu list that you did link. Not the Box kit. I hope this is clear because I have the flu and am a lil out of it.

    Oh and lastly , if you only game then a phenom2 x4 would probably be enough cpu. only a few games can use the extra cores of the x6.
  3. Thanks haha. So that would explain why those models work then? Those models all use only 95 watts!

    Edit: If I decide to get an X4, I should still expect much improvment right? Would something like this work?


    It say something about 95 watts, so.

    Thanks everyone for the help by the way! :) Here's the X6 I had my eye on. I may just for the Phenom X4 though. (The link above.)


    ^ That's the X6 I liked.
  4. The Phenom II X4 is awesome but I'm a fan of the X6 - its a bawling CPU man!
  5. I should probably add that I'll probably not be getting a new motherboard lol. If none of the processors I showed will work, I could use some help finding an X4 or an X6 that works on 95W.
  6. They don't manufacture new ones that use 95W - I would get a new board man. Either that or overclock the hell out of that Athlon.
  7. payturr said:
    They don't manufacture new ones that use 95W - I would get a new board man. Either that or overclock the hell out of that Athlon.

    I don't know man... I'm trying to stay on a lowish budget. lol. Should I just look around for some of those older models on Ebay? If it's an improvement, than I've reach my goal haha.

    EDIT: Here's something I found.


    The model matches one of the models under the motherboard list.
  8. That one works, hopefully it ACTUALLY works. It most likely will, just clean it up 100% so that when you put thermal paste on it, it's optimal.
  9. Alright, sounds like a plan.

    Thanks for everything guys!
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