What do you think about this system and is it all compatible

graphics Card/Video Card:x2:£670
Optical Drive:£14
Power Supply: £240
Operating System:£85
CPU Cooler:£83
x4: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/cooling/r4-lus-07ar-gp.html
x1: http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/cooling/r4-l2r-20ar-r1.html
SSD Harddrive
For Windows
Dust Filters:£52
Fan Controller:£30

let me know if any thing doesnt work thanks :bounce:
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  1. 1: id get asus directcu2 gtx670s. better cooler by miles
    2:id get a WD black drive if you are spending this much
    3:if you are spending this much, get corsair sp2500 speakers
    4:get a ax750w. your system wont use more than 400w ever
    5:get gskill ares 2x4gb or 4x4gb 1600mhz cl9. fits better under heatsinks
    6:i5 3570k performs the same as the i7 3770k in games. i7s might even be worse
    7;id rather get a noctua nh-14 but its your money. get a pack of corsair sp120 quiet editions to replace the stock fans
    8:acers are terrible. get something like a asus pa238q or a benq monitor. one is enough. 2 for fps is bad
    9:blackwidow keyboards are pretty cheaply made. get something like coolermaster quickfire pro or a corsair k60 keyboard
    10:for the motherboard, a gigabyte z77x-ud5h provides the same features for much cheaper. then again, its your money. if you want to spend more cash, you could go and get a maximus v thunderfx board
    11:you dont need fan filters. the case has them
    12:you dont need a fan controller either. the motherboard can control both 3 pin and 4 pin fans
    13:the g300 is not comfortable (well for me). id recommend the razer deathadder black edition or the regular deathadder. great for palm grippers
    14: the haf xm has pre included led fans. the ones that you are buying are the same as the ones inside the case
  2. the shop i was going to get the Asus direct 2 i was getting first but there not instock no more if you can give me a good link to one UK then cool and for the processor im not jsut doing gaming i editing a lot of stuff to so i stick with the i7 3770k i take a look at the ram and monitor but im not to picky in quilty as long as i can see it fine
  3. the reason for the mother i want to get is good for overclocking
  4. and i want the best power supply price not a problem
  5. the ud5 overclocks the same. all boards overclock the same. ivy bridge telling you wont hit 4.6ghz+. not to mention that once you go above 1.35v, you temps rocket.

    ex (analogy: not based on real temps)

    1.34v: 72c
    1.35v: 78c
    1.36v: 90c
  6. the speakers you listed are £160 the ones i listed are £20
  7. iDaveeFTW said:
    and i want the best power supply price not a problem

    you are making the power supply worse by getting the largest one. a ax750w is the same, just smaller and more efficent given that you will never reach 30% load on the ax1200 (which makes it unefficent)
  8. if you are spending that much and money is not a problem, why not go full out?

    yes they are expensive but they are good (much better to be exact)
  9. ok what you think about the AX850 i get that one then
  10. better off with the ax750w
  11. as for the filters the best ones for the case as no dust can get in at all
  12. i will probably use my X12 Turtle beaches any way so mite not get the Speakers
  13. thats not going to be possible anyways. the case has filters
  14. the most dust proof case i can think of is the corsair 550D but its a slient case with no windows
  15. change most of the things just looking for The
    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II Top 2gb one i find that then im done to get it
  16. but the filters are not very good as i have reseached it and dust can still get in as the reason for getting them dust filters that stop it from getting in at all

    and do you know any place i can get

    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II Top 2gb need to find a place want 2 off them
  17. if you have the msi gtx670 power edition in the UK, that is what id truely recommend given that it has unlocked voltage and a slightly better cooler
  18. ok i have a loook
  19. or should i wait for AASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II Top 2gb
  20. the evga is inferior to both. it just looks good

    id first get one of the msi gtx670s. if you are not happy with the performance, get 2.
  21. so you think i should not wait for Asus to get back instock
  22. the msi is the best
  23. what you think of this Keyboard

    dont want to spend more then 75 on a keyboard
  24. well since you have the msi power edition, i dont see the point of getting asus anymore.

    get one card first, check out the performance, then decide if you need more performance. 1 card is already more than enough
  25. for a keyboard, id definitly spring for a mechanical keyboard. they feel like god and they make you never want to go back to rubber dome keyboards like the g110

    mechanical keyboards have different switches. blue switches (loud, tactile, and clicky: good for typing and gaming), red switches (very smooth and linear (straight down): great for gaming but bad for typing), brown switches (a mix of red and blue: quiet but with tactile bump instead of a click)

    heres a good one


    id get the deathadder anyday. im using one right now

    oh and hey, i found this deal. get 2 of these kits

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