Creative Sound Card to Front I/O Panel

So I have the Creative Fatality X-Fi Titanium and I'm trying to connect it to the front i/o port of my NZXT Full Tower Phantom case.

I know that Creative, at one time, made a custom i/o front panel for this card, however, it is no longer in production and hasn't been for years. I already contacted Creative about purchasing one from them and they no longer make them.

So, is there anyway to connect the card to the case's built-in front audio jacks? The Creative appears to have two ports for connector cables. One is quite large (2x10 pins) and the other looks more like a standard audio connector (2x6 pins). However, the HD Audio cable that runs from the NZXT does not fit into either port.

Is there an adapter cable that I could purchase or is this a lost cause?
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  1. After talking with a Creative rep, I learned that it cannot be done. That the card is only compatible with the custom Creative I/O panel.
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