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Hey guys, i was originally planning on getting a gtx 670 but after reading about the numerous problems people are experiencing with the card i'm also considering the 7950.Should i stick to the 670 or the 7950???


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  1. Hello,

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    What resolution do you play at?

    That 6870 is still a decent card. Why do you want to upgrade?

    However If I were you - I would get whichever card is the cheapest/ has best warranty.

    Right now I have a 7950 - I can max out all my games at 1920x1080. The 670 is definitely better though in terms of pure gaming power.
  2. I play at 1920 X 1080 and i want to max out all games for the next 4-5 years.By maxxing out i mean getting above 60fps in all the next gen games like Watchdogs and UE4 games.
  3. In that case you might want to go with either a 670 or a 680. The 680 would give you more "lasting" power if you plan on keeping your GPU that long.

    It all depends on your budget and what your willing to spend.
  4. well, you have golden chance for getting the best performing card, I will recommend the GTX 670 it's almost outperform both the brothers HD 7950 or HD 7970, GTX 670 is all you need for everything you need or want. Here is a link i'm providing to you to see which one is better. So take a look,
    from it is clear GTX 670 own the rules.
  5. I'm actually more inclined towards the 670 but i heard many users facing problems with 670's.Also since the 600 series require pci 3.0 slots will they work in sandy bridge motherboards without getting bottlenecked.(I can't buy the 680 as it's gonna overshoot my budget :P)
  6. You have figured out what you need, the 670.

    It will work in the PCIE2 slot and there won't be a bottleneck.
  7. and should i ignore the driver issues and the issues that people are facing with the 670 and older games?
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    Do you play older games? If so how much older? I'm not exactly sure, but apparently the 7xxx cards still play older games decently, whereas the 6xx does not or cannot. Not exactly sure on all the details though, you would have to google it.

    I don't think there are many driver issues ATM for the 6xx right now (i've read of things like vsync studder issue, sometimes the card not clocking up to full speed, but they seem to be "rare"). A new NVIDIA driver should be released soon.

    Basically I would still go for the 670 if I were you. It's just got so much more room for "growth" than the 7950.
  9. And will it get bottlenecked buy a core i5 2500 or 2400?
  10. Not with an i5 2500, neither with your i5 760.

    The i5 is basically the minnimum you need to get the most out of a GPU like the 670 and above.
  11. Sorry urban your wrong:

    His i5 quadcore is still a very good CPU even though its only clocked at 2.8Ghz
  12. Thanks guys :)
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