Upgrading from Sempron 140 to X2 270

Hello, i have a Sempron 140 unlocked, and i want to replace it with the Athlon x2 270, i would like to know if there would be a noticeable improvement, especially in games :bounce: .

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  1. i found this:


    from what i read,the Sempron 140 with the second core unlocked should perform like the X2 240 and the X2 270 should have a performance similar to the Phenom II x2 550 BE right?
  2. Not worth the upgrade to the x2 270. Get the 270 ONLY if you absolutely have no extra money to spare, or if your getting it for quite cheap.

    If your looking for a decent improvement then atleast get the 3.3GHz Athlon II x3 455 for $72.

    However, at $75, the athlon II x4 640 looks like a solid upgrade for you especially in the long run, since its a quad core, eventhough it has a lower clock speed of 3Ghz :)
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