No video, no POST after a BSOD, please help me!

Hello, i just got some problems with a BSOD that i was starting to troubleshoot when i couldn't even start my pc again.

Actually, im trying to diagnose the problem, but i'm kind of stuck in that process.

I removed all the parts and im trying to start it just with these:

Mobo: M4A785TD-V EVO
CPU: AMD Athlon II x4
Ram: 1x Kingston DDR3 2GB 1333MHz PC3-10600
PSU: CoolerMaster 460w 12cm Elite Power

When i star like that, i got no video and the beep signal "long, short, short"...

Im using the onboard HDMI out port to the DVI input of my monitor (16:9 dell monitor).

When i put the ram in other slot i get no beeps and no video... and dont know what else to do.

Should i get a VGA monitor? should i start pluggin in the other components? (GPU, another RAM, HDDS)

Any kind of help will be much apreciated... thanks in advance!
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  1. Unfortunately, It looks as though this is a beep code for a video card issue. I would try and get my hands on any other compatible graphics card and see if your computer boots with it. Good luck!
  2. this board got a dvi conector on the back try it to connect ot the monitor also the memory goes in the first black slot if you use only one stick this board support dual channel black first blue second you hdmi cable could be defective
  3. The beep code, scout, is for video errors. Its an Asus board with an AMI bios, and AMI beep code long, short, short means video failure, the ram is fine.
  4. Yeah, now im pretty sure that the RAM is not the problem...

    I need to get a VGA cable to do more tests, right now i only have mi HDMI to DVI, and it doesnt work with the integrated GPU of the mobo ... neither with my dedicated GPU (Gigabyte HD 6770 GV-R677D5-1GD, with an AMD Radeon GPU).

    It keeps bugging me that i get the same beeps with or without the dedicated GPU, that means that both the mobo and the dedicated GPU are toasted?

    Anyhow, thx for the help, i will keep posting what's going on so far.
  5. youb will find if the onboard is good when you get a vga cable and if this do not work then ask for rma of motherboard
  6. You were almost right Scout, i was able to boot with the VGA cable and the motherboard was ok... i dont really know what was exactly the problem, maybe was heat or a loose component. I cleaned all, changed thermal paste, and placed carefully every component now.

    The problem now is that my new videocard keeps crashing and glitching at random moments, this is a problem that i have been trying to fix lately, even before the BSOD.

    Sometimes, while gaming, working, even browsing the internet, the screen goes black, white or random colors for a few seconds, then im back to windows with an alert in the taskbar that says: “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” (should i make a new thread for this issue? or continue in this one?)

    I did everithing related to ATI drivers, even formated and reinstalled a clean version of Windows and it was really nice for the first two days, but now the problem is back. Is possible that windows update is related to this?

    Finally, im about to ask for RMA of the video card... if there is nothing wrong there, i will assume that something is wrong with my PSU, but i really doubt it...

    Thanks everyone for the responses :)
  7. if it is working well with the onboard then the hd 67770 is having something rma her while she still under warranty
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