Why doesnt my laptop want to open apps?

HELP ME . How do i fix this problem? :cry:
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  1. Lalax3 said:
    HELP ME . How do i fix this problem? :cry:

    Here let me get out my crystal ball and psychic helmet so I can divine some information about your laptop...

    No really, you need to give us more information about your setup:
    1) What kind of laptop do you have?
    2) What operating system? I am assuming windows 8 due to your choice of forum, but just incase...
    3) How much memory does your system have?
    4) When you say no apps are opening, I am assuming your computer boots up properly? Are you able to get into your metro screen/desktop?
    5) When you open an application by clicking on it, does any error message pop up? Check your task manager to see if your application is trying to start.
    6) When did this problem start? Was it working before?

    There are a lot of different causes to "apps not opening" so you are going to have to do some work to get it fixed.
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