Can i add intel core 2 duo 2.93Gz in LGA 1155 socket

I want to change ddr2 to ddr3 so I'm thinking of buying new mother board but i don't want to buy new processor. can i add my older Intel core 2 duo 2.93Gz LGA775 socket processor to LGA 1155 socket motherboard.
Or what I can do about it?
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    LGA 775 and LGA 1155 are two different sockets. This is like comparing a T2 torx size to a P6 Phillips size; not only are they different "sizes" but have layouts too. Find a mobo that can accept a LGA 775 CPU if you dont wanna replace the proc.
  2. definitle no...
  3. No
    U cant do the work what u r not made for
  4. You can try using this state of the art, bleeding edge technological device to finesse it to work, but it might void your warranty.

  5. thnks
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