I5 3570k hyper 212 evo temps?

Hello just put together one of my first builds using i5 3570k and hyper 212 evo and GB z77x D3H. My temps at the bios screen run around 35-39c.I don't think this is normal is it?
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  1. When I applied thermal paste I did spread technique (was a toss up between dot technique). Also I had a little trouble with heatsink so I had to lift it after applying thermal paste to adjust bracket. Could that have caused a problem?
  2. Ok so I tried hwmonitor. These are the temps.

    Core#0 Value=33c Min=24c Max=44c
    Core#1 Value=32c min=28c max=49c
    core#2 value=33c min=25c max=47c
    core#3 value=34c min=29c max=50c
    Package value=36c min=30c max=50c
    I haven't done any benchmarking or stress tests yet. I was planning on using Prime95 is that a good one?
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