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Driver Sweeper or not?


So... im gonna have Catalyst 12.6 installed replacing 12.4, here's my specs

Intel i5 2400
Sapphire 7870
Asrock H61m-hvs
8gb Kingston 1333 (4gb x 2)
Zalman zm-500gs 500w

ive been consulting forums around the net, some people say use driver sweeper, some claim driver sweeper messes up your system... to Driver Sweeper or not? That is the question :D

Thanks in Advance
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  1. I vote yes:

    3)driver sweep - 'choose AMD or ATI'
    5)install new drivers
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    For what you are doing I say no. To install the 12.6 (beta I believe) just use the drivers install package. If you want a clean install use the Catalyst uninstall option. Also you ca choose Custom Install and onlt update those items that have changed. After many years the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" rule has proven true. I would only use Driver Sweeper if I was switching GPU brands or have trouble with an install. I have used ATI/AMD cards for years. Yes you can remove items that may give install issues with sweeper.
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