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So having onboard sound with the Asus 3 Rampage Extreme mobo, I have a toslink going from the output on the mobo, to a DVD player. From the dvd player I have a surround sound system, (Centre, Front left, Front Right, Surround Right, Surround Left, and Subwoofer.)

I have set the output on the dvd player to Digital. Now the only problem is when I play sound from itunes, youtube, I only get sound from the Front left and Front right. When I right click the sound icon --> Playback Devices --> Realtek Digital Output -->Properties --> Supported Formats Tab and highlight DTS and click Test, I get sound from all 5 speakers.. Now why can't I simply play music through all 5 speakers? Is there something I am missing?

Also under the audio settings in the DVD player "Digital Output" is greyed out, and set to PCM which cannot be changed.

Edit: Would it be easiest to buy a soundcard with Dolby Digital Live? (
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  1. Two reasons:

    1: SPDIF can only carry three formats: 2.0 PCM, 5.1 Dolby, and 5.1 DTS. Most PC audio is encoded as PCM, and most games lack Dolby/DTS tracks. While the audio chip 99% of all motherboard makers use is capable of encoding to Dolby/DTS, this feature is almost never enabled. As a result, audio that is NOT already in either Dolby/DTS format will be transmitted as stereo.

    Most all music and game audio tracks lack a Dolby/DTS track, limiting you to 2.0 when using SPDIF using onboard. Most movies do have one of these tracks, and thus you can get 5.1.

    2: Music on youtube is stereo, so even if you could encode to Dolby/DTS, you'd still only get stereo.
  2. So how can I have music play from all 5 speakers? Is there a simple solution?
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