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Woke up one morning with my PC frozen, and had to do a hard reset. Since then, the computer will power on but will not send a signal to to my monitor, I'm also not sure it POST since I don't hear any beeps from the computer.

I'm trying to nail down the issue, opening my case I see that:

The fan on my video card (240 gt) revs up and slows and revs up and slows.

One of the pins on CPU heatsink can't lock into the motherboard, the fan still revs 100%.

Things I've tried:

I tried a different video card, that fan ran fine yet still no signal to monitors.

Tried monitors and different cables, they worked fine on my other computer.

Tried a different power supply, still no signal to monitor.

Tried, one stick of ram at a time, then no ram.

So based on that I'm left to believe that it is either the motherboard or CPU heatsink that is the issue. Any thoughts?
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  1. Bought a new stick of Ram, swapped one stick out, and BAM! Display is back baby!

    I then took out the new stick and put back in the old stick and now the monitor will display fine with the original ram, as if nothing was ever wrong. Very strange, I'd be curious if anyone had an idea why...but it's good to be back.

    Definitely give this a shot if you're in a similar situation, I wish I would have tried this before swapping cards/PSU, etc...
  2. Spoke too soon, my computer was working fine for a bit. I left it on and alone, when I came back the computer was off.

    I started it and it froze at the Windows welcome screen, hard reset, and now no display or usb port activity, have my wireless mouse and keyboard plugged in.

    I tried the New ram, no luck this time.
  3. It seems I have a bent pin (not sure what you call it)? It's that gold circle thing next to the 4 pin power connecter by the CPU.
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