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So the machine i have now has been a work in progress for quite some time and i would like to continue to upgrade the parts in my PC that have since become outdated. The point i am at now i am not sure where to go next I would like to upgrade my mobo, cpu, gpu, and ram. but in what order i know if i upgrade my mobo it would be very wise of me to upgrade the cpu at the same time because it wouldnt be very smart to buy a 1156 socket mobo when that doesnt even support usb 3.0. that would almost be a step backward. I am also conflicted on how to upgrade my gpu i.e buy another 550ti and sli or try to sell that card and just upgrade to a single more powerful card? The patriot ram i have in my pc isnt that bad i dont think but im not extremely knowledgeable on how all these components interact and where a bottleneck would appear, does anyone think that the ram i have would create a bottleneck in my system or should i just leave it as is. I have also planned on going to water cooling but that probably wont be for some time until i have hardware that really needs it.
Primarily i do photo editing and other school work but i do have a bunch of games that i play like skyrim and BF3 so i would like a very responsive system. Although i dont have an OC setup right now I would like to have the flexibility of doing so when i get the time to set up a stable OC.

I want to know what you would do if you had my build and where you would go next, all answers appreciated!

Cooler Master HAF X Blue edition
Windows 7 Ultimate
Antec 750 earth-watts psu
Asus P7p55dEVO mobo
i7 860 2.8 Ghz Stock
500Gb WD 5000 RPM
Intel 520 cherryvile 120gb SSD
2x4 Patriot Gaming2 DDR3 1333 Mhz (dual channel)
Nvidia 550 Ti
Xion 3 dual heatpipe cpu heat sync w/2x90mm fans
2 Super speed plus write master drives
Kingston hyper x ram fan
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  1. As a gaming pc, I see it as weakest in the graphics card area.
    I would upgrade by selling your 550ti and replacing it with the strongest single card you feel comfortable paying for.
    That would be in the GTX560ti or GTX670 range. If you buy a smaller step, you run the risk of being disappointed.
    Actually, I think you should wait a week or so for the GTX660.. launch. Word is that it will be a blockbuster.
    If your budget can stand $400, look at a GTX670.
    One problem with a sli upgrade is that while benchmarks will shine, you will be exposed to microsturttering. Read this:

    Your 750w Antec psu is of good quality, and will run any single card well.

    Your 8gb of ram is fine for a gamer. No games will use more than 2-3gb of ram by themselves.
    Your FPS is not affected significantly by ram speed. Read this:

    The only reason for water cooling is to be able to extract a the last bit more out of your OC.
    With a safe and conservative OC, a good air cooler is all you need.
    A cm hyper212 with a nice 120mm fan would be sufficient.
    Even your current cooler and the 92mm fan is probably ok.

    I don't think you need a cpu/motherboard upgrade yet.
    If you want a bit more, your i7-860 can be overclocked a bit.
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