Is a GTX 560/HD 6870 overkill???

I will be building a new PC this year and i already have a monitor..
Its resolution is 1440x900 and i wanted to know if a GTX 560/HD 6870 would be overkill..
Here's my soon to be PC:
Core i3 2120/FX-4100
I haven't chose a motherboard yet..
I will be playing Skyrim, AC3, Battlefield 3, and many others...
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  1. No it's not overkill, you should be able to max everything up to 1680x1050.
  2. No, neither would be overkill. There are always new games and ultra settings to enjoy. Either card will fit your setup nicely. Plus you may someday get a bigger screen who knows? But save headaches later and get a good brand of PSU. It doesn't have to be a huge wattage, just a good brand. For specific recommendations head over to the PSU forum.
  3. They would not be overkill. They would likely allow ultra settings on any game due to the low resolution. However if you upgrade your monitor, or once a year or so passes, you'll find that you may want an upgrade to keep playing at the highest settings.
  4. ^+1.
    Incidentally, the i3 is a much better choice than the FX-4100. Review the "Best Gaming CPUs for the Money" monthly article when you are ready to buy.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys... I know that the I3 is better than the FX but its tempting.
    I can overclock it plus the AM3+ boards are cheaper than the LGA 1155 ones..
    But I might as well save some more and get an I5. :)
    Also for the GPUs, which one is better? The GTX 560 or the HD 6870?
  6. Will I be able to max out BF3 at 60fps with it???
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