Why OS booting in Pentium 4 slower than Core 2 Duo system?

I was wondering why Core 2 Duo system boot to OS faster than Pentium 4 system. What is the factor of making the system boot faster? Storage system known already, SSD making boot faster. But the processor factor?
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    cmon 2duo has 2 core, it process load distributely within 2 cores
  2. Assume they have same speed, Core 2 duo have 2 CPU cores and pentium 4 only have single core so, theoretically, it is 2 times faster.

    There are other factors like architecture of CPU but it is quite negligible in ur case.

    RAM is part of the factor as well.
  3. The Core 2 Duo can process more data / execute more instructions than the Pentium 4 can. That's why. It's like driving a car for 100 miles. Car #1 can only go as fast as 80MPH, car #2 can go as fast as 110MPH. Guess which car can travel 100 miles sooner than the other car.
  4. Another thing you have to consider is what OS are you booting, is the drive defragmented, how is it connected (IDE ribbon cable vs SATA 1/2), how relatively new is the Pentium 4's technology vs the Core 2 Duo... There's a lot of factors, but generally, the Core 2 Duo should always top it. With Linux, my P4 system boots very very fast, but I have no doubt in my mind that if there was a Core 2 Duo system with Linux next to mine, it'll top it.
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