XFX Ati Radeon hd5750 Fan spins yet no display..

Hey i have XFX Ati Radeon hd5750 .. it is now about an year old ... but recently i bought a cooler master 212 EVO cpu fan ... after installing it .. everything worked fine ... but after a day i thought my cpu fan aint working fast enough so i tried to tweak some settings in bios ... and from that time i cant get my graphic cad running .... i resetted the bios ... removed jumper ... removed batterry ... nothing helps .. when i sstart my pc with card seated ... the compter starts .. boots up ... i get the two startup beeps as normal .. the graphiv card fan spins but unfortunately no display only black screen ...

Then one time i reinserted my dvi-d cable from video carrd to normal motherboard port ... i get display ... but the graphic card is not getting detected ... what seems to be the problem ?
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  1. Try disabling your integrated GPU in the bios or through the device manager and make sure your drivers the same ones that you have when the card worked. You will have to take out your card first.

    Use your integrated gpu when you disable it then shut down reinstall your card then boot up. It should fix the problem. Good luck to you.
  2. I tried disabling the hd graphics .... but stilll grapdic card aint working!
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