Crossfire 2x6850 or 6850+6870

im new here and im not really an expert so i need some help.
i currently have an asus hd6850 gpu and wanted to upgrade. i wanted to get an additional card to crossfire. i've read that i can also crossfire a 6870 with my card and when in crossfire it would act as a 6850 and when a game doesnt support it it will be used as the main gpu. is it true? is it very hard to set up?
should i just go for 2 6850s? or one 6850 and one 6870. i plan on getting this motherboard to support my crossfire set up and will be using an i5 processor, not sure which yet.
also, will that motherboard fit in a regular mid tower case?
thank you for your help
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  1. you need to get a 6850 for all kinds of reasons
  2. well, goin with HD 6870 will not worth because CROSSFIRING a faster card with slower card should be refer to the slower card performance, the faster one will automatically match it performacne with slower one this is CF rules, so better to get another HD 6850 with less money with good performance.
  3. but i figured some games wont use crossfire and when they only use 1 card the 6870 would give me very good performance
  4. Unless you get a very good deal on a 6870, go with an extra 6850.
  5. nope, they would use the slower one when you have two different models in crossfire.
  6. Any ATX size motherboard will fit. The case should show what motherboard sizes they are able to fit in. Also, get another 6850, don't bother getting a higher card to crossfire with a lower card.

    Unless, you find a great price on the 6870.
  7. Also, crossfiring a 6850 is a BAD idea. Not only is the support not so great, there are issues with many games, and there is MICRO-STUTTERING with these cards! I'd say keep your 6850 for now (my friend has one and it runs BF3 on ultra or almost, at 1080p...) and save for something better later. It's not worth your money to crossfire these cards.
  8. What is the motherboard that you are getting (you forgot to include the link above)? It must be have at least two PCie 2.0 x16 slots able to operate at X8/x8 mode in order to make the crossfire mode worthwhile.

    Also, there is no reason to get a 6870 because the slower card will always limit the speed of the faster one. This is because Crossfire operates by assigning every other frame to one card and the rest to the other card. Therefore, even if the faster card renders a frame twice as fast, it can only process every other one so it effectively operates at the same speed as the slower card.
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