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Changed pc cases, now I can't get a picture on my monitor

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December 27, 2012 6:29:08 AM

After some time having to put up with and using an old Alienware case, that had awful ventilation, I went out and got a new white Corsair 600T case.

So I moved and hooked everything up in the new one:

My msi 890fxa-gd65 (w/ my CPU still attached), my
nvidia GTX 560ti, my 2 4gb RAM sticks, my PSU, my 2 sata HDDs, DVD drive, etc.

When I turn on my machine however, my monitor remains in standby. It says "DVI-D Power Saving Mode" when I turn it on, so I know it's connected.

ALL the fans are going (including the gpu fan), the lights turn on, the CPU LEDs all turn on, I can hear my drives running, and I don't hear any beeping. BUT, my monitor shows nothing. So I hold the power button and it shuts down.

Notes: 1. Neither my keyboard, nor my mouse turns on; no lights, nothing. Both USB.
2. When I do try to turn my monitor on while the compy is running, it says no signal, but when it shows the LG logo, there was some odd artifact that hits half the screen for a split second, with an odd "lens flash" kind of appearance. Edit: doesn't happen now
3. (VERY side note) My disc drive, when I press the button to open it, opens then closes automatically. But I think it's just that the drive is kinda messed up, pretty sure it did this last year when I got it for the first time.
4. There's a standoff in the middle hole on the mainboard that I can't put a screw on, and (according to neweggs video) is meant to hold it in place while I screw on the others. Could this be causing a short?

Thanks, Henry
December 27, 2012 9:46:13 AM

reseat the vid card and all connections , does the monitor have a switch or menu option to change input . DVI , VGA or HDMI ? Make sure it is set for the rigt input , not many monitors have this , just mentioning in case you have such a monitor .
Is the cpu in properly ? I had a similar problem , some of the pins were bent and cpu would not seat properly .
December 27, 2012 9:50:44 AM

Every time I've had similar, it's been a motherboard shorting because of missing screws or screws which aren't mounting correctly. Could be worth unscrewing them all and trying again. Check to make sure there isn't anything stuck underneath the motherboard that could cause a short.

Good luck!
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December 27, 2012 10:37:32 AM

also make sure the 4/8 pin power connector plug in and that the video card power plugs are all connected. one thing also to check if your mb has onboard video to see if that port is now the main video port. also check that the reset plug and the hard drive led and other cables are on the right pins.
December 27, 2012 7:08:22 PM

Well, it's fixed. I did two things, and I'm pretty sure it's the latter that fixed it; 1. Moved a couple of ground connectors away from the back panel's metal audio ports it was touching. 2. Disconnected the hd audio pin, and plugged in ac97 instead

Thanks for your help, fellas. Really got me thinking