Corsair Link 2 with H80i/H100i

I suddenly feel like a noob having to write this in the first place

Does anyone know how you control the Corsair Link 2 system?

I have an H80i watercool for which I am using the Corsair Link 2 software but although I am not sure what I did wrong, my fans spin on a maximum and then totally stop for like 10 seconds and the go to maximum again. It is very irritating and I have no idea how to make it stop!
The software is very confusing and I can't seem to find a guide. Anyone had this problem or even better, know how to resolve this?
One factor that might have something to do with it is part of motherboard software, Asus Thermal Radar which lets me also "control" my cpu cooling
I could use any possible help
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  1. never used the link software

    but have an ax860i coming tomorrow that uses it

    there should be a way to set the defaults

    maybe you can see something here that helps,8.html
  2. Nope not useful that didn't do it at all. I have seen the controls and tried to manipulate them but without any success
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