EVGA 9800GTX+ SCC and the EVGA 8800 Ultra Superclocked

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As the title says, I've recently buy this two cards as there were top of the line in there time the EVGA 9800GTX+ SCC and the EVGA 8800 Ultra Superclocked, the question itself it's what can I do with this two cards, I've already read that there's no chance of running them in SLI so that's out of the question, so can I run one of them as a PhysX card? or I don't know something else?, or just put two 640 in SLI :D
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  1. You would do better to run 2 GT 450s in SLI and it would cost you roughly the same amount of money.
  2. It really depends on the game as to what card is better.


    Notice I had to go back to the 2009 charts to even find them on the list together. Neither will do well at all in any new games. Especially at higher resolutions.
  3. umm, that's not really a problem, my monitor isn't big, its a 1280x720, and the most recent game I play is maybe COD MW3 and BF3 and for those I play in 1024x756 because I know of the limitations, this is just a quiestion of the top of my mind just wondering if I can pair them together, and if I get any performance enhance, I'm just saving for the new EVGA GTX 680 Classified, I'm already saving and waiting for the official Price
  4. At those very low resolutions especially 1024 x 768 you are mostly using your CPU and not your graphics card.
  5. Waiting for a 680 with a 1280x720 monitor? Hrm... okay.

    Anyway either of those cards will work and you could run one of them as a dedicated PhysX card, although there's not exactly a lot of games that take advantage of that.
  6. Yeah I know with a 1280x720 monitor its crazy, but hell, I'm just building the computer, so the next thing in order are the 3 monitor for full resolution, but it's just one thing at a time. It's a lot of saving just for me, so I can't afford much but, well I'm building it up to get something really nice for gaming, RAM 8GB, Mobo Socket LGA 1155, and a Pentium G630, that by the end of the year I expect to change for the 3770K, but I'ts building it up, this 2 graphic's card, I buy them at 50 bucks a piece so it really seem like a good deal just to play arroud in COD4 MW, SF4, and RE5 so I didn't expect much xD
  7. personally i would get the 670 ftw instead of the 680 as the 670 performs pretty dam close to a 680 for a hundred dollars less
  8. Yeah I agree, a 670 would be better value. Or even a 7850. I mean if you want to just save up and get the best stuff then great! But I think if you aren't really in a position to spend thousands on a gaming rig, it might be worthwhile to think about it and get the best price/performance stuff, so basically upper-midrange. Just my thoughts.
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