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Hello I am taking my time building my first computer and I have a few questions:


I am using this kit for my mobo and the questions i ask: Do i use both the 24 pin connector and 4 pin connector on the mobo? How do i find out if my case supports hd audio or not: I have two plugs one for hd audio and ac 97 and the connection port is JAUD1

2. Do monitors usually ship with a DVI-I cable to hook up the graphics card? My brother says it is in the picture view of the monitor description, but I think he is just looking at the USB cable (it is white tipped after all).

Tower Case:
Graphics Card:

Thank you in advance.
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  1. HD audio is in the board then it'll say so in the specifications on the manufacturer's site.
    The graphics card has cables in the box with it,again they say which ones in the specifics.
    The case audio is a plugin to the mobo. It's only as good as the mobo's audio.
    That graphics card is a total waste for gaming,and dare I say,even just for movies.
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