Poor quality of text & Windows, but video look fine on HDTV?

Hi guys,

Just got my new HTPC, the basic setup is AMD A6-3500 & Gigabyte GA-A75M-D2H.

I connected it via HDMI to my Philips 6606 LED HDTV. I have Windows 7 installed, and the text, as well as the overall look of Windows, is blurry and of poor quality. However, when watching movies (MKVs) the quality is very good (look like full HD to me).

Can anyone help?
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  1. Turn off MLAA in the Catalyst Control Center.
  2. Hey matto17secs - thanks for the reply.

    I've turned off MLAA in the AMD Vision Engine Center - but no change, fonts & Windows still look blurry.. any other ideas?
  3. Reading online there is an option for 1:1 pixel mapping by selecting 'unscaled' aspect ratio in the picture menu, hopefully that might sort it.
  4. womble - thanks, but that didn't work... As I've mentioned, when viewing video the quality looks fine, it's just that text, windows and images look fuzzy, as if some sort of filter or processing is applied to them.
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