What Ram should i get for gaming?

What gaming ram should I get?

I want a 2x4 1600 Gaming ram.

I was looking at the Kingston hyperX 8GB 2x4 1600 and I heard it is not good for gaming.
My motherboard is a MSI Z77A G45 board.

Thanks also my budget is under $5
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  1. gskill ripjaws is best option its good for big cpu cooler too because it have great clearance space gap bw cpu cooler and ram too or u can get a corsair xms3 a t a good price too
  2. Any RAM would do the job, especially if your not planning to overclock the RAM.
  3. then corsair xms 3 is the best one for its price its a 1600 mhz ram with heat spreader too and its not so much big that can take space for big cpu cooler or u can get an normal 1333mhz corsair 2x 4gb ram corsair provide lifetime warranty in some country 10 yrs warranty too its a good ram grab it
  4. VaishaliG said:
    Corsair's Vengeance ram is the most popular among gamers today. It's fast, reliable, and inexpensive when compared to other brands.

    corsair vengeance is good ram but not that much we expected more it could be trouble for some big cpu cooler too so the corsair xms 3 is still the winner in cpu clearance and same speed as corsair vengeance
  5. Hi :)

    You all ignored his budget..its a troll I assume... lol

    All the best Brett :)
  6. My recamend is fill all slots dont see capacity. see mhz in board and ram.Reason mhz is the key to achive speed. if board support 1600mhz u insert 1333mhz its waste because not get full speed of ram slot. if board support 1333mhz u insert 1600mhz its also waste of money (1333mhz ram is cheaper than 1600mhz)also u not utilise full speed of ram. (4x2Gb 1600mhz=6400mhz =6.4ghz) vs (2x8Gb 1600=3200mhz=3.2ghz).
  7. Also my recamend is Buy "TRANSCEND" ram .reason other manufacturers give only 1year warenty but transcend give "lifetime warenty" so no need to warry about problems. Then cost "no more dealer and distributer " because anyone can "buy directly in TRANSCEND.COM" so cost lower then other.
    ur Mobo support 2100mhz ram so buy transcend axe ram 2000mhz oc enabled or 2100mhz oc enabled rams .x2 or x4.
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