Best cable and voip modem?

hey everyone... im reducing dependancy on my cable system for phone and television (going with satellite) and i was looking into some voip services like skype, and other ones that offer e911 as well for about $16/month

anyway, im looking to replace this leased arris TM602G modem with something else... it would need to be able to be set up with voip services similar to vonage, though not specifically them... the modem i have it seems you cannot configure for that purpose, so i would need one that i could set up

i dont need one that can work as a router too, im quite happy with the dd-wrt router i have now... so yeah, any advice on such a modem (for under $100) would be great

ill be using, viatalk, or something similar, was going to use skype but not sure how to add e911 to that
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  1. Motorola SB6120 would be my choice of cable modem and then connect a router which you can configure to route the VoIP.

    I connected a Vonage device behind a router and it did not need any configuration when UPnP in DD-WRT
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