GTX 460 Code 43 Glitchy display blue screen memory dump

Here goes...

First the specs of my current setup and whats going down.

I have an amd 965 BE phenom II x4
MSI Cyclone GTX 460
Gigabyte GA 990XA-UD3
some no name 8GB of ram theyve been good to me thus far.

When my computer does start into normal mode windows, which doesnt work so much lately, it will recognize my card under device manager and says it has stopped because of an error Code 43. When I try to open the nvidia control panel it says i am not using an nvidia graphics card.

I've had the card for a while. it worked for me for a while great. The motherboard and processor are brand new. which leads me to believe theres something I'm not installing right or the card is kaput.

I have tried downloading and installing new drivers from to no avail. I tried deleting the nvidia folder and uninstalling all the drivers and installing it brand new and clean. No good. I have also attempted to see what happens when insert it into another PCI E slot. Again no dice.

Now a series of unfortunate events. I joined the Air Force and graduated basic. When I arrived at Tech School I wanted my pet project computer sent to me. When it arrives I notice the PCI E port on my old motherboard, a GA880 from gigabyte, is beginning to separate and the computer wont post wont do anything but spin the fans up and turn on the leds. I think when it was shipped the weight of the video card essentially broke the MOBO.

The shipping was insured so I filed a claim and sent it back in. The claim gets denied (of course) and they send it back to my hometown. So I fight with the shipping company and they eventually agree to send it back to me. When it arrives back to me the motherboard is broken worse than before, the processor is turned diagonal and slid halfway out of its socket with the cpu fan still on. I take it apart and the cpu, a 955 BE, is completely beyond saving. And the fan's heatpipes are creased over.

I inspect the video card no signs of damage. The PSU hasnt moved and is powering things. The ram is being rammy and works fine it is all recognized. My concern is the video card.

So thats how I got to where i am with it now. What should I try before I break down and get a new one? Is there something I'm missing?
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  1. Well there are a few things that can cause this both hardware and software. On the software side did you reinstall the os after the motherboard and cpu replacement? Many times after such a replacement windows will either not boot at all, BSOD, or many drivers will fail to function properly, the best way to take care of this is to backup your data and reinstall the the operating system. BUt given what has happened to the system I bet it's a hardware problem like the video card is damaged or the PSU is damaged and unable to deliver adequate power or stable power causing the video card to error out. If possible to help rule thing out get your hands on another video card(borrow or buy a $20-$30 card) this will save some time by eliminating 1 possibility.
  2. Well I believe that someone has a thing against those in the service or the company is well shitty to have smashed your gear like that. Someone had to have taken the time and effort to bring into the condition that it is in. I would go ahead and file a claim against the company with the Better Business Bureau.
    The gtx460 that you have could and is likely dead but perhaps you can check to see if there are any missing smd caps and resistors on the back of the card.
  3. God help us!
  4. Finally, I checked in with an old driver version 258.96 (with old installation wizard) and does not display CODE 43 in Device Manager with low-res desktop. But now its does artifacting on desktop! I try with the thermal compound (the recommendation to take the heatsink of the card, remove any remains of old thermal paste and clean the GPU and heatsink contacts properly and apply a fresh layer of thermal paste). I conclude from this that the new versions of drivers are with the built-in diagnostics for health of card and any type of error happens it reports CODE 43 to stop the operation of the device. I think this is generally in response to all of the same problem-HARDWARE MALFUNCTION:sarcastic:
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