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CPU VS Bottlenecked GPU (What Should I Buy?)


Keep in mind the the GPU will be bottlenecked because of my AMD Athlon x4 650 Processor.

Should I get the GPU and upgrade CPU/Motherboard later or vice versa. My current GPU is Radeon 6750.
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    well u need to upgrade both of them cpu and gpu too because if upgrade gpu cpu bottleneck or upgrade cpu some of the fps still drop due to low end gpu is i suggest
    upgrade the gpu because gaming wise gpu work a lot then cpu too u can easily play games with
    x4 650
    gtx 660 at medium too high settings
  2. You can cheaply upgrade to AMD Phenom II X4 965BE, think it was like 95$ on newegg? And the GTX660 indeed. I think that would be a good upgrade in a budget!

    I got the GTX660, and upgrading as well cause of bottleneck to this AMD Phenom II.
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