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Yo, I've got a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with 64mb of integrated video RAM. The system requirements for Guild Wars 2 include 256mb of video ram. So I was wondering if it would be possible to install a graphics card of some sort on the motherboard and if this is not possible, would the game still run on my laptop and just be slow, or would it not run at all?
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  1. Forget it. You'll have to get a new gaming laptop to play it.
  2. sorry you will not be able to upgrade that laptop since the graphics is embedding into the motherboard.
  3. The following are the most recent minimum specs for GW2 and are subject to change.

    Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or better
    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800, ATI Radeon™ X1800, Intel HD 3000 or better (256MB of video RAM and shader model 3.0 or better)
    25 GB available HDD space
    Broadband Internet connection
    Keyboard and mouse

    The old GMA 4500MHD in the Dell is much less powerful than the more current Intel HD 3000. The Intel HD 3000 is not exactly considered a powerful integrated graphic core either. The Intel HD 3000 will likely be able to handle GW2 with low graphic settings and low resolution.
  4. Agreed, you need to upgrade.
  5. I agree with everyone else. The sad truth is that you will have to get a new laptop that can play gw2.

    If you don't mind playing on low settings/resolution - you could get pretty much any laptop that comes with Intel HD 4000 graphics (using the 3rd gen intel core ix processor series) or one of the A series APU's from AMD that has, I would say, a 7400 series integrated graphics processor or higher. You can find quite a few that are 499.99-599.99 with those bare minimum specs (15.6" screen with a 1366x768 resolution).
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