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So i just got onto my PC with my new card and psu, and I inserted my NVidia disk for my GTX 570...installed all the drivers stuff...and then new my clock a thing from the Nvidia stuff popped up and said to click there to install new drivers.

Took me to the NVidia site to install another driver or something. Is this needed? For some reason it's taking an extreme amount of time to install as well when it's only 161 mb.
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    Uninstall all your drivers. And re-install from Nvidia's website. Don't use disk drivers.
  2. When I do..and I try to run it...I get this error:

    "Non 7-Zip Archive"

    Note..I installed from NVidia's site.
  3. +1^

    That is correct, download the .exe file.
  4. I did.

    I put in my OS and the series of my card on the NVidia site and dled a file called 301.42-desktop-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql.exe
  5. Ok, when you click on the .exe, 7-zip shouldn't that to you.
  6. I guess I left my NVidia Audio Drivers and some other thing installed. Ill try to uninstall that and then try.
  7. I have no idea what 7-zip manager is. Uninstalled it all..same error.
  8. I've got it. Installed from your link this time and it works. NVidias must be corrupt or something.
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