How to install a intel i7 heat sink socket 1366

I am installing an i7 socket 1366 on a EVGA mobo and the mobo tray is not removable. Is there an easy way to secure the bracket under the motherboard and intall the mobo without the heatsink on it and then after the mobo is in the case intall the heatsink. How can I secure the bracket on the underside of the mobo and hole it in place until I have the mobo in the case?
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  1. Use m3 double tape
  2. I'd just install the heatsink outside of the case. Not a big deal.
  3. what heatsink are you installing?
  4. Opps - that a good question - some you actually screw the backplate on separately from the cooler retention mechanism so you're good to go (Evo is that way).
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