Please help, new built PC will no longer power up

So my pc has been running great for the past 2 weeks and all of a sudden it just shut off a while ago. So I turned it back on and it was fine for a couple of minutes and it just went off again with no warning.

Now I can't turn it on. The green led light is still on the motherboard though.

Ive tried different cables, different mains. Pretty sure nothing is shorting the motherboard. 24pin and 8pin power cables are plugged in ok.

Please help me, what's wrong with my PC ?
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  1. What power supply do you have?
  2. Antec True Power 750watt
  3. honestly it sounds like a failing or faulty power supply
  4. What can I do to test it ?

    Also is it possible for it to be fault/failing after workig great for 2 weeks ?
  5. Make sure all your components are 'plugged in' properly.
  6. Yeah everything was in fine. I tested a known working PSU and it still didnt power up.
  7. can you enter the BIOS?
  8. No, nothing powered up all. The fans didn't even spin or anything
  9. hate to say this but it could be your motherboard is done for, you may need to replace it if you can
  10. I've arranged to send back the motherboard and receive a replacement within a week.

    What could have cause the motherboard to suddenly die after 2 weeks ?
    Was it anything I did wrong ?

    Also the motherboard isn't completely dead as the standby LED light is on
  11. could just be faulty, or too much voltage running through it, or even a power surge fried it possibly
  12. I've had my motherboard replacement.
    It powers on and POST fine, but I get no display. I've tried a different monitor.

    The monitor detects the PC, but there is no display
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