Building a new gaming rig!

I am building a gaming rig but because of my limited budget I have two choices:

1.Core i5 3570 ivy bridge and GeForce gtx 550 ti or
2.Core i3 3220 ivy bridge with Geforce gtx 660(non ti)

So which one of this two options should I choose?
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  1. I d choose the 2nd option ..

    but I'd go with i5 3470 and gtx660 if I were you...
  2. I would have to agree, for gaming i3 is not really a good choice. Best option is an i5. GPU definately a 660, the 550ti is not worth it, not at that price and its performance is far below that of the 660.
  3. Ok I will listen to you both and I will take an core i5 instead,and for a graphic card I will choose gtx 660 or ati hd 7870.
  4. the 7870 performance is actually closer to the 660 ti, so id go for one of those
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