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I'm trying to move all the user files from my old computer to a new one. Both computers are on the network. I can see each computer and all the relevant files from the other. Sitting at the new computer, I copied the My Documents folder from old to new ("pulling" them). It worked with the exception of perhaps 10 files. It says that I need permission to move them. When I look at these files from their source (the old computer), they have little lock pictures on the file icon, which tells me they're protected in some way. The file permissions in the Security tab of the file properties shows everthing is Allowed for all users, so I can't tell how to unprotect or unlock these files. So, I figured that if I sat at the old computer and sent then across, that should work. Then I get hit with the same "You need permission" warning to move any files.

I could just email these files to get them across, or use a USB stick, but I'd like to know what's happening. How do I unprotect these locked files? And why can't I send files across the network but I can "pull" them (from the old computer to the new one)?

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  1. instate of moving them can you copy them?
  2. Right. That's what I was doing, actually. I'll worry about reformatting or whatever after the stuff is moved.
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