Bought a packaged desktop deal veriton x4620g

Hi tom's hardware team,

So there's this new baby here at home (veriton x4620g - didn't hand picked it - gift maybe) comes with i3-3220, 2gb etc. etc. but the only main problem here is it has no video card. Eyed on some video cards for future game proof but I just want to know, is it that 'reliable' to play with this processor even without the video card? I know that 2500 HD (internal) s*cks but just to make sure.

Games that will be played are:
Heroes of Newerth
Assassin's Creed (maybe)
Ragnarok 2
GW2 on low grapx perhaps?
Tested 2k13 and it's a bit of good and better LOL

Well? Oh btw, one more thing, I was eyeing on HD 7750 (using low profile btw - acer shish) and it's out of stock on the market here in our place. So any suggestions for a good low profile video card? just so it can go gaming. Thanks people
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  1. probably be a good idea to get at least a 7750 if nothing else
  2. pretty sure guild wars 2 is too much for the hd 2500, someone else might want to chime in...
  3. It's got a 220W power supply. I am not sure it can run any add-on video cards that are going to be any faster than the HD2500. 7750 asks for a 400W power supply and runs fine on 300W, but 220W is cutting it way too close. Looking at pictures of that system, the power supply also does not look replaceable. You are stuck with no graphics card, I'm afraid.

    You have B75 motherboard so you could upgrade to a Processor with HD 4000 graphics. That would help, but it still won't make it a gaming rig.
  4. oh my goodness @_@ even a low spec video card wont do? :| total BS here wait so there's no chance i can upgrade to a video card?
  5. You could run something like a 6450 or a Geforce GT610, but those aren't really any better than what Intel includes on the processor. You won't get 30fps in modern games even at low resolutions.

    You got an ultracompact low power system. It's kind of like a laptop in a box. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  6. how bout a msi 6570?
  7. Nope.
  8. twelve25 said:

    even 6570s i mean i just need a video card i guess my brothers and sisters wont be playing hard core games anyway
  9. I've stuck a GT 240 in a PC that had a 250 watt PSU (an Acer). Most computers won't use more than 150 watts anyway, and that is with the GPU. Biggest concern would be the amps on the rails.

    Also, unless Acer uses some off the wall propitiatory mounts for the PSU, you can get a PSU made for small form factor PCs (mini ITX and micro ATX come to mind). Granted, they always may, but still.
  10. 250 gives a whole extra 15% capacity over 220. That's just enough to handle maybe a 40-50W card. I don't think I'd use more than a 20-25W card on a 220W.

    And google pictures of that computer, The PSU does not appear to be modular. If it was, you can get 350-400W ITX or TFX power supplies and then run something decent.
  11. i stuck a 7750 in my old optiplex gx280 a few months ago, and it was 220w. but im not sure if you have the headroom(power-wise).
  12. nvm, mine had a 280w power supply, sorry about that
  13. Here: Maybe this can help us figure out what kind of power supply it uses.
  14. I dont think they're going to stock 7750 any time soon but nonetheless I think this desktop can run 7750 but for now I think I'll go with GT 640s for the mean time
  15. phyco126 said:
    Here: Maybe this can help us figure out what kind of power supply it uses.

    PSU's at 80+ Bronze Rated

    0.8 x 200 = 176W

    isn't that already enough for a GT 640 :)
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