When installing windows 7 do i need a driver to access my hard drive

had a really bad crash with laptop,so decided to format and add my windows 7 disc to do so but now when i go to setup it is saying it does not recognaise my harddrive?anyhelp welcome
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  1. you shouldn't do, unless its in raid (which it won't be). could your HDD be dead?
  2. no hard drive is fine,the laptop recognises the hard drive when i put the windows 7 cd in gets says system 100 partition 400 or something like that,then gets to coping windows files and freezes for ages then says windows needs a driver for your hard drive
  3. Does your BIOS see the hard drive?
  4. well i think so as when i put disk in i have to boot from cd
  5. You really shouldn't but check on your HDD manufacturers website. This doesn't sound good to my mind. the 100 400 thing is normal, windows likes to create a small 100MB partition for system reasons.
    What caused the crash? the most common problem would be a HDD failure especially in laptops. An odd failure that windows thinks a driver is needed.
  6. danny2000 said:
    Does your BIOS see the hard drive?

    It does seem to be as its creating partitions and writing files.
  7. yes thats why i thought as does regonise hard drive as it creat partitions,it is proper windows disc,s i am using i have 64 bit and also 32 bit,just wondering if there is somthing in bios stopping me putting windows on to it
  8. what is the spec of the laptop?

    I'm thinking that there might be some caching drive included or something that is new enough that windows doesn't recognise.
  9. Intel Celeron T3500 / 2.13 GHz
    3GB DDR Ram
    500GB Hard Drive
    DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM
    WLAN : 802.11b/g/n
    15.6" Widescreen LED backlight TFT 1366 x 768 ( WXGA )
    Integrated Webcam
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  10. tryed again to run disc when it gets to coping windows files it freezes for ages the says windows could not format partition on disk o the error occured while prepairing the partition selected for installation error code 0x80070057
  11. OK, thanks nothing special on the laptop front. When you are selecting the location for installation there should be an advanced button somewhere on the screen, from there you can create your own partitions. It might be best to try and do this, as it might let you see where the error is in more detail.


    might help and again indicates a driver for the HDD, what you actually want though is a driver for the motherboard so that it can talk to the HDD. Go onto your manufacturers website, and see if they have chipset or sata drivers.
  12. Hi :)

    Run a full hard drive test in DOS ...HIRENS CD etc...

    All the best Brett :)
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