How to remove thermal paste ? no rubbing alchol

i installed my stock fan 2 days ago to my new build and now i have an h100 and i wanna install it how to remove the thermal paste i have no rubbing alcohol at home please help me out
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  1. If you could afford an H100, I think you can get some isopropyl :x
    There really is no efficient way to clean it otherwise.
  2. Use a little bit of water, you might have to use some force tho, But don't go to crazy with the water, Just make sure its clean and dry before you put the water block of the h100 on. Hot water would work better, softens the paste a bit. I have done this before when I ran out of fingernail polish remover (Samething, just pink), lol.
  3. I just use toilet paper:) lol. My temps haven't changed at all tho so I'm sure it's fine
  4. Yeah, toilet paper is really good. A lot of people are too overly cautious, but that isn't a bad thing, just not needed.

    use a cleaning solution that leaves no residue is always a good thing. I've used acetone, a thinner use for cleaning up fibre-glass model constructions.

    Here's the thing,

    Thermal paste has different qualities, I use Arctic Silver 5, a high density polysynthetic silver supposedly 90% (going by a what a sales rep once told me). So about 10% isn't helpful to the conduction anyway. noway the trace (if any) left by your cleaning method will significantly alter that ratio to any serious degree.

    On the other hand, you could use a cheap and nasty thermal paste with a density and thereby a conductive ratio that is much less. You might have read about others wanting to remove that stuff that gets caked on, its the white stuff that is difficult to get off. That stuff is an example of the cheap and nasty one, used in those mass produce home pc's by HP and the like. seems to serve the masses ok, so no need to be overly cautious.

    recommend you use the good paste though. :non:
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