Nvidia benefits vs ati

Hi people!

i dont know how much the benefits like physx,cuda,etc from nvidia are against an ati card.

i am between buy a gtx550ti or a hd6850/6870. I know the hd6870 would be the better there. Things like shaders,physx and other things are greatly diferent in nvidia and ati?

I will use the pc for cad(autocad,solidworks,etc) and play games like gta iv,WoW,diablo,CoD mw,bf3.

Whick one is better for that?

(my old card is a nvida 7300le with a pentium 4,so i like nvidia but trying to dont be a fanboy and give a chance to ati radeon. I will buy a new pc with i3 and a better mobo and ram)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Go for 6870. It is the best among these three card. gtx550ti is very slow card for physx. You need at least gtx560ti or better. Maybe gtx560ti slower for phyx.

    Even HD6770 is better than 550ti for price. So 6870 is the best choice for you.
  2. thanks dude but i still have one more doubt: shaders.



    In shaders nvidia has 192 unified and ati 1120 unified,but the shader clock is 1900mhz on nvida and looks like not available on ati. Can you explain that to me pliz?
  3. ATI's shader clock is linked to the core clock. Core clock will do the work. So dont worry. nvidia use separate shader.

    But dont try to compare/judge ati with nvidia with their spec. They use different technology and architecture. So compare with benchmark or ask in the forum.
  4. The gtx550ti isn't worth it as a main card with physx unless there was at least a 8800gt paired with it as a dedicated physx card. Go for the ati card as it is higher quality and best bang for buck right now for that range. Nvidia uses clock domains rather than just linked clocks for that generation and the units are pretty weak when clock for clock.
  5. Well thanks mubin and nforce4max for the explication. I wont buy a 550ti.

    So the best in that range is the hd6870, but for 60 dolars more i can buy a hd6950 or a gtx560ti(in offer discount).
    sapphire hd6950 looks nice cuz of the 2 coolers and the pipes:

    i read about the hd6950 can be upgraded to 6970 flashing the bios and is very equal to the gtx560ti, what should i do?
  6. HD 6950 is much faster than gtx560ti. Without flashing to hd6970, you will get better performance than gtx560ti.
  7. But little faster in most of the game.
  8. mubin said:
    But little faster in most of the game.

    tiny bit faster. one can argue at that point it's up to one's preference between the two companies.

    ATI will offer you triple monitor eyefinity with the 6950, Nvidia will not. however, Nvidia's 3D vision is generally considered slightly better
  9. ^+1 true that
  10. A cheap G92 and some hacked drivers kinda changes things a little while dropping a good amd card as a main leaves plenty of fun ;)
  11. Quote:
    +physX and CUDA support.

    I chuckle when I see people list PhysX as a reason to buy a card. CUDA is, PhysX isn't.


    Look at all those games! A grand total of all can use CPU Physics as well! And many of those only support using a PPU, which is no longer made.
  12. how can i know if i could upgrade the radeon hd6950 that i will buy to a hd6970? Or the new hd6950s in the market has that option cut by laser?
  13. ILauta said:
    how can i know if i could upgrade the radeon hd6950 that i will buy to a hd6970? Or the new hd6950s in the market has that option cut by laser?

    You need to flash bios of hd6950 with hd6970 bios.
  14. mubin said:
    You need to flash bios of hd6950 with hd6970 bios.

    which does void your warranty, and can potentially ruin your card if not done carefully. My advice is that if you do not fully understand what you're doing or have a friend who does, don't do it.
  15. To let you know, they physically laser cut the cards so you can't bios flash newer 6950's to 6970's. You can do it with older 6950's.

    Also, the GTX 560 Ti (448 Core) performs better than both the 6950 and 6970. Regular GTX 560 Ti (384 Core) roughly matches the performance of a 6950.
  16. Yes, warranty is a issue. And need to be careful when flashing.
  17. Thanks guys,that was i think,if i buy a new one i cant flash bios 6950s to 6970s because they laser cut the cards i read that in other places too.

    Now i have to choose between the 6950 and the gtx 560ti(448core) looking specially to the prices (in my country are very different the prices).

    thanks a lot.
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