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My computer knowlege is limited so ive come here to seek some answers. What im basically trying to do is just upgrade So i can run wow better then on fair/good...because that takes away all game quality....from what i was able to source here is some info on my computer let me know if you need anything else or pictures ( it was given to me and bulit by a family member so

to start i honestly i have no idea motherboard goes but i will upload pictures to help

ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 2048 MB
2 Gigs of ram ( ibelieve DDR or DD2R)
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00Ghz 3.00Ghz

My overall budget is about $250 the graphics card i can deal with it can run things up to high on wow im mistly geared towards a processor and possibly a motherboard iff needed
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  1. ok not to sure how to add pictures so i guess links will have to do here is my mother board and installed is 2g DDR2 Ram


    As stated before just loking to upgrade my processor if possible and graphics card if i can budget it already looking at larger MB ram's as we speak
  2. Any suggestions....anyone?
  3. looks as if a pentium dual core isd the best you can go for the cpu upgrade, still wont be a "good pc for gaming"it may well do it but not well, for browsing htpc just fine though
    pent d 20£ ebay 2nd hand, whaty is your budget to get all the way to playing games? may be able to better direct yiour money
  4. didnt read first post properly
    graphics card is old cpu is old its all old old old! i dont know what exactly £=$ but 250 $ = £160-70?? a\t that money7 id look towards a skt fm2 mobo and apu bundle then maybe sell your old box on craigslist and putg that towards a 6670 to crossfire the apu when games get more demanding/you want the fps boost/you have the money, but any apu will dedstroy the rig you have now, id look to ebay fior a bundle deal- i allways see the yanks on here recomending microcentre fort insane deals if u near one
  5. You cant do much with that set up it is pretty out dated the only real option you have is to add a core 2 duo cpu which I wouldnt waste my money, I sugest saving a little more money an look for a combo deal (CPU M?B Mem,) on newegg or microcenter,tigerdirect etc. or look for a used system on craigs list or somewhere
  6. yea the majority of people i asked so im mega outdated... i would like to get a new computer. Im strictly focusing on producing music and playing World of Warcraft on good-high settings. I'm not looking for a super gaming computer like alienware etc or some $800 pc i would roughly like to spend overall $400 or less on a desktop. Im sure this is possible since as stated before all i am interested in is playing WoW and my music production im sure this can be done i just need to be helped out or pointed in the right direction ( links of kits or links of full built computers with close to what will get the job done etc)

    thanks again for the replys hope more help is to be found!
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