Finished building my computer, but the computer isnt booting up

I have just finished building my computer. The computer isnt booting up. I have tried pressing the power button. When I plug the computer in, the ledon the motherboard lights up, but if I press the power button, nothing happens.
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  1. specs

    did you plug in the power connector in properly? its easy to misplace the the small pins
  2. yeah it looks like everthing is plugged in correctly. By the way, when I pressed the power button the first time, the fans started spinning for a mili second, but then it stopped.
  3. oh and If I unplug the little pins, then plug them back in, then when I press the power button, the fans start up again but then stop after half a second.
  4. okay, so I was messing around with the wires, then I got the computer to boot up! but when I tried to but the back panel on, the computer turned off, and I cant seem to get it to turn on.
  5. what back panel?
  6. the side panel at the back where all the wiring is
  7. well, I finally got it to turn on, but after about 10 seconds, it just shuts off, then turns on again. I cant get into the bios.
  8. now it wont turn on, same problem as before
  9. when I turn on the computer, the fans, and the lights turn on for half a second, then the whole computer turns off. After that I cant even get the fans to spin if I press the power button unless I turn the power supply off, then wait till the led on the mother board turns off. Then when I turn the power supply on, I can turn the lights and the fans on for half a second. All the lights and fans turn on exert for the power and hhd leds. Help!
  10. it could be the board....
  11. everything was working when I did an external build
  12. did you install the motherboard properly? because if you didnt you could short the board
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    Have you tried unplugging/removing everything except the mobo, 1 memory stick and processor?
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  15. plekter said:
    Have you tried unplugging/removing everything except the mobo, 1 memory stick and processor?

    I did that, and it worked. Then I installed everything else one by one. Everything is working now, thanks!
  16. wow
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