PC100 (10 ns.) at 112 MHz?

I’m trying to overclock a pcchips M726 100 MHz FSB to 112 MHz.
The system post but doesn’t get in to windows. I think could be a problem with the generic PC 100 (10 ns) RAM or simply the cheap motherboard.
Q: is PC 100 RAM capable to run at 112 MHz?
Thanks for any ideas.

Specs: (running stable)
P II 350 MHz @ 360
FSB 103 MHz
RAM : 192 MB PC 100 (10 ns)
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  1. First try to increase your voltage, if that doesn't help, get better RAM.

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  2. Replace your memory, if that doesn't help, raise the core voltage. Memory is so cheap there's no good reason to use any that old. You may be able to get your chip to 133MHz FSB with ramsinks on the cache and enough voltage.

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  3. Thanks for the advise guys,
    this cheap mobo doesn’t have core voltage settings, it’s always at 2.0 So I’ll go for PC133 to be able to rise the FSB. Thxs.
  4. @ Crashman: I’m new on overclocking, so have a couple of doubts about your answer.
    you said: “You may be able to get your chip to 133MHz FSB with ramsinks on the CACHE”. Just to be sure, did you mean a heat sink on the CHIPSET? And how hot can a chipset (or cache) gets, I mean, is the heat sink just to give better stability or to avoid burn up?
    Also, 133 MHz FSB implies 33% CPU overclocking (350 @ 465 MHz). Do I need better cooling? Currently using a P III HSF 4200 RPM (CPU at 30º C)

    Thanks a lot for any advise.
  5. Dude!,
    These guys are out of their minds! Your pc100 will do 112 without a hitch. It's probably your motherboard that is keeping you back. Trust me, everyone here told me the same [-peep-] as they just told you, and it didn't do a thing! Add voltage, that's all you probably need to do. No cache cooling is necessary unless you are going above 133MHz!!
  6. what are you qulifactions for this

    yes it is proably the ram 112 sound righta round where can start to not work

    listen charsh man he is very well respected in this fourm, he knows what he is talking about and he has had a alot of expeerince with over clocking intel chips, he i also very good zbout know how certain motherbaords and chipesite will do

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  7. Yeah It will Run it Depends

    if your PC100 CL3 50% chance

    if your PC100 CL2 100% chance "either Hope CL2 is stable or nock it back to CL3"

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  8. I've actaully got 2 pc100 128 modules running stable at
    115mhz. They won't go further than that though. Up the Voltage a smidgen and see if that helps. But each chip
    has it's own limits.

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  9. I think the problem is that my old PC 100 10ns is not the “real PC 100 8ns” which is capable to run up to 125 MHz.
    Bud, did you test your PC100 in a ram test program as CTSPD to know if it is 8 or 10 ns? If you did, please let me know about the results :)
  10. What are my qualifications? A+, N+, MCP, Been overclocking for years...yours? Getting memory problems at 112MHz that timing tweaks can't take care of means crappy ram. Bottom line! I have overclocked PC100 generic and namebrand to 124MHz FSB running the memory at 143MHz with tweaking the timings with no problems at all. I went to PC133 to get 133MHz and beyond stable. It can be done, there are other variables that come into play then just memory when overclocking, mainly LUCK!
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  12. i have 4x128mb pc100 8ns, running at 125mhz. all i've changed is cas in bios from 3 to 2.

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  13. Well CAS2 PC100 will always run 133 dont worry just set to CAS3 i use this trick alot of times.

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  14. I mean you take the plastic cover off your CPU and put small heatsinks on the little memory chips inside it, then a big heatsink on the big chip, which is the CPU itself.

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  15. He stated a while back that it was 10ns ram, which is actually not true PC100, because true PC100 was 8ns. 10ns is the spec for PC66, but some could bre clocked as high as 100. getting it past 100 would be dificult, an dram is cheap, you can get 256MB of it for around $30 now.

    Back to you Tom...
  16. hehe, thanks rc, tryin to go for sig of the week ;p
    ah, i ain't worried just was wondering if those couple of bios settings brought it up to 125 or if thats the actual speed of pc100. hehe, i gotta eek out every ounce of juice out of these puppies :)

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  17. Thanks to everybody for the advice. My “unreal” PC100 is capable to run up to 103 MHz FSB and no more. I’ll go for PC 133 and a dual fan HSF to give some better cooling to the cache because I don’t feel confident enough to open the cpu cover.
    Thxs again
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