Should I upgrade to Ivy?

My current specs are:

intel core i3 540 3.07 GHz Clarkdale
8 gb DDR3 1333
radeon HD 6790


With Haswell releasing near June 2013, is it a good idea to upgrade to ivy bridge(Hoping its price will go down)? I do casual gaming however I do work on applications and simulators that eat up processor cycles.
If I upgrade to Ivy bridge how much performance increase will I get and for how many years I don't need an upgrade?
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  1. I use to determine where a CPU is at in general performance.
    Just click benchmarks at the top. Then click the searchable list.

    Your current cpu scores roughly 2698 on average.
    An 3570K scores about 7151 on average.
    An 3770K scores about 9623 on average.

    A hard number is ok just to give you a ballpark idea.
    Intel's prices don't change much...
    Only perhaps a marginal price drop after Haswell is out.
    There will always be something new around the corner.
    Upgrade when you feel your system is not up to par.
  2. some slightly more real-world examples of 540 vs 3570k you'll find a significant improvement depending on what you do.
  3. Yes there will be a significant performance increase to make it worth the upgrade.
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