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i want to upgrade my mums pc for her birthday but dont want to go mad with it. she uses it for web browsing and basic games.

current specs
MOBO - asus P5GD1-FM i915 chipset
CPU - pentium 4 650 3.4ghz
RAM - 1gb DDR
GPU - 256mb GeForce 6200se TurboCache
OS - XP Pro SP3 32bit

This is an 8 year old machine which at the time was really high specced. but its showing its age now and needs a freshen up.

all suggestions would be appreciated
thanks in advance
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  1. What kind of budget are we working with? Knowing that will help to suggest parts.
  2. about £300 ideally but can stretch to £400 if i need to
  3. with this budget, just buy a new pc
  4. moddedmatt said:
    with this budget, just buy a new pc

    Yeah I agree with this.
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