Will Radeon 7770 work in HP Pavilion 6653w

The Radeon 7770 needs a 6 pin connector for extra power. I want to make sure our unit has one before ordering it. (I have already ordered a 500w PSU). I have looked in the unit and at the spec page and I am not sure we can power the Radeon 7770. I've looked online four hours and can't seem to find this addressed. Thanks! (Mom)

Here is the spec page for our system: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02479700&lang=en&cc=us&taskId=130&contentType=SupportFAQ&prodSeriesId=4269976&prodTypeId=12454
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  1. I found this:

    looks like the Motherboard supports up to PCIe 16x v2.0
    The 7770 is a PCIe 16x v3.0 card
    While it may work it may not work optimally.
    A 6850 can be picked up for about the same price ~$100 and is PCIe 16x v2.0
    (it is also about the same performance)
    The CPU in that machine is somewhat slow however.
    (scoring about 1674 avg vs newer CPU scoring 5000+)(cite: passmark)
    A complete upgrade might be recommended depending on what you need to do with it.
  2. He's just wanting faster framing on Minecraft to play without "dying all the time". He's getting 10fps. A new card and GPU would probably get him to 50, I'm guessing.
  3. yes the 7700 is compatible with that motherboard considering it has a pci-express 16x port and the 7700 is compatible with such slots.

    and that 500watt powersupply should be enought for that card and more :)
  4. Hmmm, so two slightly different answers. Not exactly sure which way to go based on the PCI version differences which I hadn't considered or noticed. If I had to go down to a 6850, not sure if it's worth the price of the upgrades or not. The extra memory and such in the 7770 seemed worth it for a year or so. We're already up to $180, and that's with no other upgrades. I think a base-line gaming computer could start around $500. I thought the fun of a rebuild would interest him or I may have just waited. I figured if we did a build, we could re-use the PSU, and if not, further upgrades might necessitate it.
  5. I think a new graphics card may help but the CPU may hinder the gains you will see.
    (you don't get as much bang for the $ as you would if the cpu was faster)

    also look into optifine perhaps
  6. I run Minecraft servers for my brother and play a bit as well. :)
  7. Cool! Looks like I may need to cancel the PSU order if I can and just wait to get a better computer for him. Thanks so much guys!
  8. PS: I think he said he was already using Optifine. I think he said he turned it off due some other issues it was causing.
  9. alright, guess ull wait than, come back and well help u :)
  10. Thanks again for all the input! Saved me $200! : )
  11. excellent anytime maggie :)
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