Power Supply for the 660 ti

So I have been searching for hours trying to find out if my power supply is good enough for my new Msi 660 ti power edition

The requirements are
Power must be a minimum of 450W
Must have 2 6pin connection (or use the provided 4 to 6 pin adaptor)
The +12v rail must be 24a

So at this moment I can assure 2 things. I meet the first requirement and the last

My PSU: Coolmaster RS-500-PSAP-J3
Power: 500W
I have 2 12v rails each with 20a
But only one 6pin PCI-e connection

So I am wondering if I use the connector that I will still meet the required spec. I.e 12v 24a

Thanks for any help provided
Please reply ASAP :D
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  1. I ment to say if I use the 4 to 6 pin adaptor not the connector :P
  2. You'll need to plug both connectors into the card.
  3. I don't understand what you mean
  4. You'll have to plug the PSU's 6 pin plug into one socket on the card and then use the molex to 6 pin for the other socket.
  5. So if I use the 4 to 6 pin adaptor it will work
  6. Yes it should do.
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