New multi purp rig, opinions welcome, ty.


Im frustrated with my unstable am2+ rig so im going to upgrade to a whole new machine.

Ive been using AMD since 2006 and i feel, its time to try something new. This is what im thinking about going with.

Intel i5 2500k cpu
Asus Sabertooth z77 mobo
Corsair Vengeance 2x8gig Ram
Seagate baracuda 1.5 tb hdd ( I alread have a OCZ vertex 3 SSD 120g for windows.)

Also i already have a XFX 6850 HD, and im unsure of what to do. either, im going to just stick with the one card, because spending 400 for a good 7k series isnt really worth the small upgrade to me, or get another 6850 for less than 150 and take on the woes of a crossfire rig, but at least i could just turn one off if i need to. Problem is, Newegg doesnt have the exact same 6850 i have, it has a newer one thats got 2x 6 pin connectors and 2 fans. so if i did get one of these would it be "kosher" to use the one with dual fans and 2x pcie connectors with the 1x1 card i have already? i figure that would be better than getting a difference brand at least.

Also. I have two psu's right now, a couple year old Corsair stealthxstream? or something like that 650w psu and i just bought that 64$ Ultra 750w that ppl on newegg seem to swear by. I could just use this Ultra, but idk something about it just feels, well cheap? idk something about 78% effeciency rubs me the wrong way. just says... "meh, it works.." you know?

so if not that i was looking at the Corsair XT 750w one for 150 on newegg. looks like its decent at least.

Well, other than a case and a coolermaster heatsink i think thats pretty much it. Besides a 23.6 inch asus monitor for another 150 and a MW3 edition (cheaper) logitech g9x mouse for another 60.

The running total in my cart is $1,289.00 cost isnt really an issue but i would like to save what i could i guess.

I guess what i am asking is, what do you think? does it seem like im paying alot for nothing? ha idk i spent this much on a single core pre built in 2006 so yeh... lol ill try and get a SS of my cart or something if anyone needs more detailed information.
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  1. I guess i should say that i plan to use this system for high end games and high eye candy settings. also i plan on using alot of photoshop in the future and some to medium video editing.

    I just dont want to have to think about upgrading for at least a year or two. I figure maybe i could just cutt back on some of the parts and go for like a 670 or a 7950/70/90 or something... idk
  2. At your budget, you can build a way better rig.
  3. I'd get 8GB of RAM and spend the money towards a 3570K and peripherals. Not sure if that Crossfire setup will work. Look on eBay and Amazon to see if they have your card. Stick with your Corsair. Better than Ultra.
  4. A 6850 CFX setup isn't bad. Though, maybe you could sell your card, and get a 7870?
  5. obsama1 said:
    A 6850 CFX setup isn't bad. Though, maybe you could sell your card, and get a 7870?

    He has a close to 1.3k budget. I am sure he can buy all new parts.
  6. Price/performance is the phrase you're looking for. The 7850 is going to be more than 30% better than the 6850.
  7. my school of thought is that if im going to 86 the 6850, instead of just getting 7850, id rather pay another 75-100 or whatever it is, for the 7950 or something like that, i want to maximize my ... mer whats the word... cost vs worth? lol idk something like that. Id rather pay 300 for a 80% performance increase than pay 200 for a 45% increase you know?
  8. My budget is kind of open ended, i havent had a lot of money for a few years due to illness, but now ive come into some money and besides paying for medical bills and a pending brain surgery, this is sort of the one thing that i dont want to screw around with you know? i wont really be able to do much after surgery for a while, wont even be able to sleep laying down. but this is one thing that im hoping ill be able to focus on while i recover. So, i guess i just need help making sure i dont buy something then regret what i did, did not do 3 weeks later, like i pretty much always do because i always make under educated decisions.
  9. azeem40 said:
    Price/performance is the phrase you're looking for. The 7850 is going to be more than 30% better than the 6850.

    Yeah, but wouldnt in most, ideal situations, a crossfire of a 6850 be more than 60% of an increase on a single 6850 if not better?

    ive read in a couple places that the scaling with 2x6850 is either around 30% or 60-100% in some cases.
  10. No, CF doesn't scale as well on low-mid end Radeon cards. A single 7850 can OC to the levels of the GTX 580 (close to).
  11. Crossfire works really well on the 7 series. 6 series isn't bad, but 7 still scales better. If your budget is 1.3K, you could get a 670/680.
  12. If i go for a new high end card i feel like i would be sacrificing somewhere else, idk maybe im not seeing where it all fits into <1300
  13. I forgot to add in the 68xx.

    I took a screen of the current cart i have going. prices and all that.

  15. The GPU is one of the most important part of a gaming PC, even if you do video editing with it. Skimping on it is not recommended as almost every game is entirely GPU-dependent.

    For $1.1k, here is a good build.

  16. I just revised that cart. Now this is with the idea that the ultra 750w 78% efficiency PSU is good enough...
  17. Oh, that site is neat...
  18. My build is more reliable and faster.
  19. More reliable and faster how exactly? Isnt asrock Asus's red headed step child?.. i just bought an asrock board thats already int he box to go back to newegg, its nothing special imho. im even hesitant to go with Asus after the on i had in 2006. but this sabertooth looks promising.

    Also, a 7950 benches ro be better than the 670 except for in the texel rate by 14% and the 7950 is 50$ cheaper.
  20. THe last screen i posted is basically a 1.1k build plus a screen and a mouse so. idk.
  21. Then just replace it with the 7950. I don't see why people ask for advice when they don't take it or consider it.
  22. Meh.. you advice was that your build was faster and more reliable, and based on what i saw, all it was, was cheaper.

    consideration is always... considered. I dont take someones advice as fact, hence why i ask more questions. questions beget answers. I cant speak for people, but at least in my case, id rather know all i can about the items that i spend my money on, before i spend it. forgive me for wanting to not just know what to buy, but also understand why.
  23. Here are two benchmarks comparing the 6850 to the 670 and the 7950 to the 670.
    6850 vs 670.
    7950 vs 670.
  24. i guess it depends on what you are talking about when it comes to comparing the 670 and 7950. It goes without saying that the 670 destroys the 6850. I might just use the 6850 until either the 670 comes down in price or i feel the need for the GPu power when some, new uber graphics intensive game comes out. 50 fps is just as good to me as 150 fps with a 60hz monitor
  25. Then you don't need a 1.2k budget. With the 6850, the max you should spend on the whole computer is $700 or so.
  26. Thats sort of what i was thinking. If i stick with the 6850 for now i could save quite a bit, and still upgrade alot on the system that the 6850 is in now. Its in a am2+ evga 730a with a finicky amd phenom II 940 x4. The thing runs so weird and unstable. and its hard to find a replacement am2+ socket board that supports phenom II x4 so i decided, lets go new gen.

    I tihnk if anything, id rather try Xfireing two 6850's for only another 135$ until a new series of cards come out or prices drop. ( the 6850 does pretty damn well for its age anyhow)

    I might just give this Ultra PSU its fair shake even though it seems cheap. they are origninally 120$ on sale for 64, so that just makes me think, whats wrong with it, but i guess 1000+ people on newegg like it.
  27. You won't need to CF unless you run a higher res than 1200p.

    Never rely on newegg reviews.
    Here is why:
    "And your the one saying that reviews are selling the product. I know it is not your fault that americans are retards that can't read. That goes back years in the education systems. But diverging, if you are going to say that reviews on newegg are good, then you have to take into account that 75+% of the tech level 5 people have never seen the inside of a computer, and that there are a lot of them that buy something before even researching if it works."
  28. Or you could wait for the 660Ti/660....
  29. +1^

    660ti is rumored for release on the 16th of this month.
  30. 400$ doesnt really seem worth being able to kick up the visual settings, one more notch, and Antialiasing and post processing always looks like crap to me. Ill have to second the idea to wait for the 660 ti, although i still see a benefit to crossfire moreover just going to a super high resolution. Maybe i wont see the benefit gtom the extra card as much, but i will when it comes to those moments where FPS drops dramatically for a second. The 650 alone does well to kep me around 60 fps in most games but time to time it gets a little stressed out, but that may be the phenom II 940 that i had paired with it until now. It isnt even a case of running low fps, just jittery gameplay.
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