Building a high end rig, need another person to look over quick.

I am not new to building computer but have a times looked over small details that killed me when i came time to do the build. I have a habit of building a "monster" every ten years (this will be my third). Money is not so much of a issue for me so i tend to get high grade componet's and i am COMPLETLY avoiding water cooling as i had to rebuild a computer due to complications. Mostly i buy my parts from newegg aswhele so ill link them here.

the tower i want to use is the Azza fusion 4000

i love big cases as it gives me room to work with and the fact i can make the upper part of the case a secondary computer really pushes me for this case as i tend to run random gaming servers from time to time. example: Minecraft, terraria, unreal tournament and so on.

The mobo im looking at (not making that secondary "build" yet) is the MSI Big Bang-XPower II
i like the bigger mobo and the fact it gives me alot of things to work with is a huge bonus to me

I definatly want the gtx 690 in the machine, hoping for 2 but can live with one. Its basicly what im basing the build around/

i am hoping to put the sandy bridge extreme in aswhele as as as far as im aware its a insane processer

But also i am worried if i can heat sink it. best thing i can find people talking about doing without water cooling is to use this noctua cooler but this little fact is the biggest reason im looking for outside comments as it does worry me.

Thermal compound i figure is a decent one
last time i aculy had someone else seat the processor for me but i did my own research this time to figure out to put a rice grain worth to seat it (if im correct)

the mobo details say it can handle 128gb of ram and fits 8. i figure ill go halfway to 64gb witch should be enogh
always had a eye for patriot ram but never used em
another concern looking at the cpu cooler and the ram slots it worrys me if the tubes will aculy hit or block the ram cards in there natural position?

Power supply im planning to use is XFX ProSerios
i know its prolly past what i need but i like having the extra just incase i also perfer moduler design as i can put in the cables i need and no more

for hard drive i was planning on putting a few terabytes as the two single tb's hd i use now is pretty full, one for work use and the other for my reguler stuff. (gana get two)

and last i wanna pretty much use cd's, dvd's, and blue ray discs so i can use any kind of disc pretty much.

Thats my entire build i have planed pretty much, my biggest question though is will it all work together or will i run into issues and if so what? please comments and questions encouraged!
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. like i said, "money is not so much of a issue for me." ill be getting the parts over time. none the less i alredy have plunty saved up.
  3. It is never a good idea to buy parts over a long period of time. Doing that, you won't know what parts are defective and can't send back the product for an exchange.
  4. i plan on testing them when i get them. i just want to know if the computer built fully at the end of the day will work fully and well.
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    All of it is compatible.

    As stated above, it isn't a good idea to buy over long periods of time. This isn't necessarily a big issue so long as you start with purchasing components such as the case, HDD, dvd burner, heatsink fan first. Then I'd suggest buying the important parts all at once e.g. mobo, cpu, gpu.

    One more thing, the i7 3960x isn't much faster than the 3930k. The price difference just doesn't justify the small performance gains. I'd recommend you get the i7 3930k instead. Also, one gtx 690 should be plenty of power for now.

    Everything else looks fairly solid. Although, I will make one more recommendation. Get this PSU instead...

    SeaSonic Platinum-1000 1000W

    Good luck!
  6. I still don't see why you can't just save until you have all the money.
  7. currently i have 8 grand saved up to build it. next week ill have 10 grand. i figure im close to the point i can start getting the parts.
  8. OMG! 8k is TOO much to spend on a computer. You can build a computer for 1.5 grand and still run every game at 1080p on max settings with 60 fps.
  9. Dear mother of god...

    8 grand should be plenty to build that computer. :O
  10. Lemme get some of that green, bro. ;)

    lol, nah, but what exactly do you plan on using this computer for?
  11. like i said its for work as whele. my job requires a meaner machine then normal as i have to render alot every night. my question is will the machine fully work as is and will the parts fit fine and all?
  12. Yes, they will work just fine together. Everything is compatible.
  13. biggest concern though of mine is will that heat sink push agenst the ram and keep the cpu cool?
  14. No, there shouldn't be any clearance issues. The Noctua cooler will work just fine with the low profile patriot RAM.

    The noctua cooler will also keep your CPU plenty cool. Best air cooler on the market in my opinion.
  15. how can you tell there low profile? dont see it mentioned.
  16. There is low profile and standard profile. One without heatsinks.
  17. The patriot RAM you've already selected will work just fine. It's "low profile" enough.
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  19. No problem; good luck!
  20. lol alright thanks for the help guys. much appreciated.
  21. monster build and no SSD?
  22. also, if you really want a do everything disk drive, it looks like you picked just a combo bluray player drive; whereas you may want a blu ray burner drive. (especially if your budget is 8k, what's an extra $30).
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