Small gaming case this is the case im looking at because i need something very portable but still support a full gpu so im wondering if my current components would work with this case

mobo:N68-VS3 UCC stock cooling
GPU GTX 550 ti
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  1. your fine
    Motherboard Size up to 9.6" x 9.6"
    N68-VS3 UCC
    Form Factor - Micro ATX Form Factor: 8.5-in x 7.0-in, 21.6 cm x 17.8 cm

    and the PSU will just about cover you:
    Power Supply Spec.
    +12V1 16A , +12V2 18A
    Power Supply Connectors
    1 x PCI Express

    for that 550ti and full height for a video card
  2. thanks for the info
  3. my 550 has heat pipes on the top of the card will that be a problem?
  4. got a pic of it?
  5. yeah, sorry that is a problem. if you notice the PSU sits on top the PCI expansion slots and would be in the way of anything that far above the graphics card.
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