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So recently I have purchase a new rig from new egg and to save a few bucks I decided instead of starting fresh that I would use the same hard drive that I had in the previous computer. Right now I am doing a system purge on the hard drive, deleting applications, registry keys, drivers(ect...). The fact is that this is my first computer build that is coming up and I still want to start some what fresh. I was wondering how I would reformat the hard drive. In my current situation the old computer I bought (PreBuilt) didn't come with the original Windows 7 OS disc. Instead it came with the registry information for the OS on the side of the computer. What would be the best way of going about a system purge or reformat considering my current situation?

Help would be much appreciated , thanks! :D
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    Most likely you will need to buy another copy of Windows. The registry sticker on the side mainly is just to prove you have a legit copy of windows, and maybe for Microsoft support in getting another if the drive were to fail and you needed another copy. I doubt they will give you a copy for a new build. If the registration number has "OEM" in it, it is only good for that computer.

    As for what you can do currently, you cant reformat the drive as its the active one (assuming its the boot drive) unless you connect it to another PC and do it there. I would just keep as is, and when you re-install Windows to it, it should give you the option to reformat the drive.
  2. Thanks for answering and excuse me if I sound dumb, but could I just keep proceeding to wipe the hardrive off all drivers and hook it up to the new computer? And could you explain a little bit more of what you suggested?
  3. He is saying you will need a new copy of Windows.
  4. Assuming there's no data on the drive that you need... Boot the computer with the windows DVD and install by deleting all existing partitions. Then let windows create the partitions from the empty space. Viola! You now have a fresh new install on your old HDD
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  6. In my experience, I haven't been able to boot off old Windows installs on a new PC. Iv tried with three separate drives with both Win7 and Vista on them, all fail at the splash screen. Moving a Windows install across machines is quite difficult.

    Essentially you are going to lose whatever is on that drive. When you re-install Windows to it, it will re-format it and do a fresh install. So back up whatever you want on the drive now. If the data on it is essential and you don't want to move it, buy another HDD and install Windows to that. You should then be able to plug in the old one and access everything on it.

    Yes, you will need a new copy of Windows.
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