What brand of memory to buy?

I am building an Athlon 1.4GHz with an Asus A7A266 mobo. I'm probably getting 2x256mb ddrpc2100 ram, but what kind should I get?
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  1. Hey T,
    What are you going to do with your PC? Are you going to over-clock it? Are you going to run some intense games or video editing? Are you just going to surf internet & read email?
    If you are going to tweak, look in to "Corsair PC 2400 DDR CAS 2". If you are going lite, just go with "Crucial PC 2100 CAS 2.5". In the next few months some new DDR flavors are going to come out, like DDR PC 2700(333 mhz), but I don't know if your chipset/motherboard will be able to take advantage of it. You may have to get a new Motherboard to even use it. Don't take my word for it, do more research.
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  2. Most people never regret a Crucial decision at a Crucial moment!

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  3. I agree. I buy 2 sticks of 256mb PC2100 from Crucial and both runs fine at cas2.
  4. Another Crucial recomendation!

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  5. Corsair CAS2 without a doubt!! go to www.pcprogress.com. Crucial aint' all that. The 2 best are Mushkin and Corsair, where Corsair took the overall scores in benchmarks. Crucial couldn't even compete. Not saying it isnn't good, but why settle for 2nd or 3rd best when all the prices are very close??
  6. Crucial aint all that? What are you talkin about? See that Corsair memory and crucial memory are both come from micron. The corsair chips are newer micron chips. The prices are not close. Corsair is like $70 for 256 megs shipping not included while the crucial is $37.95 for 256 megs with that link I gave and free second day air shipping.

    so you can get 768 megs of crucial for $107

    768 megs of corsair would cost $210 shipping not included. It is better to just overclock the crucial memory to cas 2. it will save $100.
  7. Hey Tyrese2387,
    You still have not said what you are going to use this PC for? If the $60ish price difference matters(Corsair $70 x 2, vs. Crucial $40 x 2), or if you need the fastest DDR Ram out? If speed is the main thing on your priority list you might think about upgrading your MB to a MB with a SiS 740 chipset when they come out........... I read they will support the new "PC 2700 DDR"(333 mhz). But really what is IMPORTANT to YOU???
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  8. See now you're thinking. Pushing it is a good thing cause good memory can handle it. If money is the issue, then go for it. But I doubt Crucial will go to 150 and above that easily. That's where Corsair PC150 comes into play.
  9. Alrighty, i'll be usin the pc for mainly a few things:
    3-d gaming...cd burning...lots of downloading...music apps...chattin on irc...fantasy football. but no plans of video editing as of yet. so whats the diagnosis?
  10. Hey T,
    If you are a Tweaker(like me), I would get the Corsair PC2400 Cas 2 DDR. I am not saying that you should OC, but if you decide to, it can handle it at Cas 2. If you plan to run at safe default settings, Crucial is Micron, which is the best quality in the Memory Bizz and the price online is a lot lower than the Corsair.
    The last thing you should know, soon a lot of companies are going to be shipping PC 2700 DDR(333 mhz) for use with the Via Chipset for the P4 & New SiS chipsets. I don't know if your system will be able to handle this much over-clocking to make it worthwhile or how much this DDR will cost. Good luck man, you really can't make that bad a decision with the Corsair PC2400 (cas 2) or Crucial PC2100 (cas 2.5). If you start with the cheaper Crucial, you can always buy the Corsair later if you need the speed and it will most likely drop in price by then.
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