PC shuts down after starting.

Hi guys,
This is my system config

processor - i5-2500
mobo - DH 67 CL
hdd - 250 GB
RAM - 2 * 4GB DDR3/1333MHz
Video Card - nvidia geforce gtx 560ti
power supply - cooler master 600w (rs-600-pcar-e3)

My problem is that my pc keeps on shutting down. And after shutting down it won't start. I have got it tested once and they said it is a mobo problem.
I just wanted to know that, is there a problem with my config? Will the components work properly together?
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  1. You setup looks like it should be happy except for that PSU. I doubt it is your motherboard since I know of no mobo issues which would delay a restart attempt (really bad caps maybe?). The first thing I would suspect here is your PSU. That model PSU isn't the greatest and the symptoms you are describing seem to point to a faulty power supply (PSU overheating most likely). If you have to wait about 5-10 minutes before restarting, I would definately say it is the PSU that is your culprit.
  2. C12Friedman, yes u are right. After 15 - 20 min pc will start if I push the power button. So what do u think I should do? Should I get a new psu of same brand with higher power or should I get a better psu with same power or with higher power?
    Do u think my system is consuming higher power than the power given by the psu? Because in the psu's specs it says that the psu has 70% efficiency.
  3. Actually, the review I read of that PSU (hardware secrets) wasn't very favorable and cautions against using it for anything more than 450W but you aren't close to that. I would recommend Corsair, Seasonic, Super Flower, XFX, Antec all as options but, before you decide to purchase a PSU, read reviews by such sites as HardwareSecrets, JonnyGuru, HardOCP and, AnandTech (actually just read the conclusion pages - the rest is fascinating only if you are into the ins and outs of PSU's). Looking at your build I'd say a 550W or better should do just fine - make sure it has your PCI connector(s).
  4. To rule out Windows install problems start your computer and leave it running in bios for half an hour or longer, if it does not restart it is more likely your windows install.
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