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Hi there. Well After months of research and browsing through forums I have finally finished my first homebuild computer. Before I started I'd never fitted or removed a component from a pc but thanks mainly to this forum and it's members I gained the knowledge and confidence to go through with it.
I got most of my parts brand new but from eBay which was a slight worry but I couldn't quite believe it when I installed all the parts and powered up, it actually worked.
So I've installed all the updates and drivers and had a quick go at overclocking. I've overclocked the CPU at 4.4ghz with an average temp of 65c under a 1 hour prime95 stress test with no errors or high temps. At idle, the temps are around 34c-36c. I'm going to play later on to see what I can hit.
I've also played with the GPU a bit using EVGA precision x which is such an easy tool to use. The standard specs of my GPU were 915mhz and 980mhz on the memory. I've overclocked this to 1250MHz and 1380mhz respectively.
So I went from a completely in-experienced noob to successfully building my 1st gaming rig and overclocking all thanks to the community of toms.

So here is my final build.

Intel i5 3570k (4.4ghz ATM)
Noctua NH-d14
EVGA gtx 670 (1250mhz, 1380mhz)
Asrock z77 extreme4
Corsair vengeance 8gb (2x4gb) 1600mhz
Antec high current gamer 750w
Cheap DVD-RW
Old HDD from a previous system
Cooler master storm enforcer
Windows 7 oem 64bit.

So that is my build, what do you guys think? I'm rather proud of it and I managed to stick just under my £800 budget.

Future upgrades.
I will eventually put a SSD in there and in about 12 months time I will get another gtx 670 to SLI. This is the reason I went for the 750w PSU.
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  1. Well done. It's a much better feeling building your own than having a pre-built just show up at you doorstep isn't it ?
  2. tinmann said:
    Well done. It's a much better feeling building your own than having a pre-built just show up at you doorstep isn't it ?

    I've had 3 pre built systems before but this homebuild that I've done has not only been the cheapest, but also the most powerful. It gives me a sense of pride everytime I've turned it on. I will never buy pre built again, it's just gonna be cheaper and easier to upgrade this when I need to.
    Really really happy with it.
    Plus the specs aren't bad either and the budget wasn't exactly huge either.
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